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Client Testimonials

Stellar service! no doubt his first priority is your best interest. He does not care how many houses you view, he will not settle for less than what you really love and he makes it happen.

-Holger Mercado

There is no other realtor as detailed as Cristian Riquelme. He becomes your friend through the process. He found us our dream home. Honesty is his biggest quality and you need someone like him when taking such a huge step. Thank you, Cristian for all you have done for us.

-Milton Aguilar

Cristian is the best real estate agent in town. I highly recommend it to anyone. He is also fluent in Spanish which is an asset. He was very patient and professional taking the time to evaluate my needs. He made sure that I found the right apartment! Please do not hesitate to contact him!

-Andres Abogado Attorney at Law

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He helped us all the way through the process and made it much simpler. He truly becomes a partner who can be called or texted at any time and will respond nearly immediately. Thank you so much for your hard work; this was an out-of-the-ordinary process and you pulled it off incredibly well!

-Daniel Devora

Cristian went above and beyond for us and our needs. He is absolutely a gem to work with, he was really thorough, professional and patient. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!

- Ximena Marin

I could not have chosen any better realtor than Cristian. He cares about his clients, he knows what the clients want and needs. He looks for the best options. Cristian has been helping me for two years now, he has handled all of my family's Real Estate personal and investment portfolio and he has always given me the best advice. He is honest, trustworthy, and funny. I recommend Cristian 100%.

-Gabriela Quiroga Alma Holding Real Estate Investment Corp.

Cristian is an amazing realtor, very honest and happy to answer any questions. I have worked with him on multiple occasions and I am confident in his ability to perform at the highest level for his clients.

-Angel Cortes

When I first met Cristian, he explained that his job is more service than sales. He proved that time and again as he has always answered every call or email no matter what time of day or night it was. What is most important, from initial search through closing, Cristian watched out for my interests.
He was always on my side working to make my home purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Cristian was that he was always more focused on answering my questions, giving me good advice, and finding homes that met my need than he was on closing a deal. His professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. I now consider Cristian a friend and would highly recommend him to anyone that is searching for a new home.

-Helen Mouskouri

A thorough process of informed decision making In helping us make our investment of a lifetime. Thanks, Cristian for your help!

-Leo Lombardo

Great to work with, has clients' best interests above all. Highly recommend.

-Noe Rauda

Cristian is a professional with a ton of experience, knowledge of the local markets, motivated and it just has been a pleasure to work with him. Cristian did an amazing job pricing my house just right for listing, which ended up generating the first offer very soon, and a few days later we ended up selling the house above the listing price. He was very helpful throughout the whole process, his experience proved to be very beneficial in tough negotiation on the selling side, Highly recommended.

-Camilo Delgado

Cristian is a very good professional with important knowledge of the market and a reasonable portfolio of properties. He always advises to his customers in honest and fair manner, with the final purpose to close a deal where both interest groups shall win. His attitude is very useful at the time to search and buy a property which by itself is very hard to decide about. I give faith of the successful and very comfortable process at the time that I bought the home with his support, which was always effective and opportune. I strongly recommend to Cristian when any investor has the intention to buy a property.

-Marcos Subia

Cristian is a very friendly, professional and honest person. Which helps that the task of buying a house is not being boring.
Under his professionalism, he takes the time to analyze and understand the clients needs. Not only from the business side but from the human as well, managing both of them to get a fair business . No matter how long the process of buying a property takes, he is always present until the end of the negotiation.

-Ines Carvajal

Hello Cristian, I was very happy with your service and you did an excellent job in every way. As you know I recently graduated from the Quebec Real Estate College and then passed the Quebec Government Licensing Exams for a Real Estate Broker.You are a perfect example of an excellent Real Estate Agent. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Thank you.

- Christopher Lax

We want to take the opportunity to commend Mr. Riquelme for his dedication and commitment in assisting us in the sale of our home. From the onset, he demonstrated a sincere and enthusiastic approach and gave us the sense of ease, being that we had moved back to Texas, which is our original home. When we first spoke to Mr. Riquelme (via telephone), he advised us of the several marketing strategies he uses and by the time our home was sold, he had exhausted every avenue available to him. His efforts and dedication far exceeded that of two prior realtors whom had previously listed our home. He followed up with weekly status reports, frequent phone calls and text messages. His patience, professionalism, trustworthiness and relentlessness are a true asset and make him the type of realtor that everyone hopes for. His work ethic is second to none. Being so far away, we always knew that we could call or text him at any time with whatever concerns we had. Working with him made us feel completely comfortable and gave us the sense that we were dealing with a friend and someone who sincerely cared about us. Mr. Riquelme is most definitely one of a kind and we were fortunate to have placed our home listing in his hands. For anyone out there who is looking for a dedicated, honest and loyal realtor, look no further. Give him a call and speak to him and you will see for yourself, Mr. Riquelme is the real deal. We recommend him to anyone and if any family or friends of ours ever need a realtor in the Vancouver area; you can bet the farm that we will recommend Cristian Riquelme. Mr. Riquelme, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You for all your hard work. We will always be grateful to you. We have truly gained a friend as a result of our association with you. We wish you continued success in all that you do. Robert & Marta Lopez Dallas, TX.

- Robert and Marta Lopez

Thanks for your patience. It just shows that my original instincts was totally right in choosing you to be my realtor. Words cannot truly describe the appreciation of the wonderful service you provided me with the purchase of my 2 investment properties. Your passion, dedication, and professionalism played a huge part in making those 2 purchases pretty seamless. I know we faced a few unexpected obstacles along the way but you took it on upon yourself to resolve them on the background but kept me updated. Here’s a recap of what “CRISTIAN” means...... Committed to reviewing Strata minutes and Engineering Reports for & with his clients Reliable in following through on his commitments & responding to his clients in a timely manner Invested & dedicated in finding the right property for his clients So respectful of his client’s work and family schedule Trustworthy in giving his honest opinion Insightful with market and economic conditions and future changes Always professional, friendly and putting his clients first Negotiates every deal with passion and in the best interest of his clients If I’m planning to purchase another property or sell my home....I will definitely count on you. If a friend or family is looking for a realtor....I will be passing on my recommendation to give you a call. Thanks again.

- Fay Loo

First of all we would like to thank you for helping us purchase our fist home. We were very scared of taking this big step, but from the beginning you made this process very easy. You went above and beyond our expectations of what a realtor is and does. You paid so much attention to what we wanted in a home and what we needed. Thank you very much for caring so much about making sure we found not just a home, but the right home for us. We could not be any happier with the home you helped us find. Thank you for walking us through every step of first home ownership and for making sure that we understood everything. We appreciate you being so patient with our search and for always being there to answer any questions and concerns that we had. Thank you for also asking the questions that we did not know to ask, and for not being satisfied with the answers until we fully understood them. We honestly do believe that no other realtor would have done what you did to help us purchase our home. We are so thankful for your help and happy with the place that we now call home. Through this whole process you were not only our realtor, you were also our friend and it showed with your attention to all the little details and most importantly our happiness.

- Guillermo and Yesenia Aguilar

Purchasing a home can be a very overwhelming and stressful experience. Cristian is very professional and patient with his clients. He takes the time to understand his client's wants and needs and works very hard to go above and beyond their expectations. On every deal we have put together his clients always keep him in high regard. He is very thorough and organized with his work, and always looking out for his their best interest first and foremost on every deal.

- Rupi Tatla Dominion Lending Mortage Expert

We owned a home in Surrey, B.C. and after deciding to sell it, we listed it with a Real Estate firm that promised us outstanding service. The home was on the market for aproximately 5 months and we received no offers. We took the house off the market and then relisted with Cristian two months later. We received multiple offers within 1 1/2 weeks of the new listing. We also sold for $25,000 more than the other agents suggested listing price. Cristian and his team worked hard on our behalf, demonstrated professionalism and showed honest interest for the well-being of his clients. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking to either sell their home or purchase a new home.

- Sharon and Ken Parish

He gives you a great deal of comfort with his knowledge and work ethics. He made this journey a very greatful experience after all the let downs we had with prior realtors, he goes the extra mile to ensure that our needs were met. We bought our dream home and everybody is really happy, do to Cristians dedicated work. We have recommend Cristian to family and friends and will continue to do so, as he is ONE of a kind.

- Jeannette Aguilar

He is a young Realtor with an amazing patience and unique knowledge, with a unique concentration on ones needs. He sold my property in 2 1/2 weeks and took all the time in to explain to me the process to sell and buy. We saw countless (51 to be exact) of properties when i wanted to buy until i founded the one I loved. He counseled me with honesty and he gave me a great service and I'm glad to recomend you to anyone. I will gladly answer any questions which relates to this recomendation.

- Biluvia Freigang

When I met Cristian my wife and I were thinking of buying a property not knowing if we would qualify. He answered every questions we had, his works was always proactive and his professional attitud far exeeded our expectation. I already have recomended Cristian to my friends, and i will recommend him to anyone. If you want to buy a property, this is the Realtor you want on your side. With Cristian you have no worries, he always keeps you posted with the information you need to have in hand from the beginning to after the end of the transaction. He is punctual, and his work ethics are far above the average Realtor. Needless to say I will be happy to contacted, should this needs to be verified

- Ahmed Hassoun

We want to thank Cristian Riquelme for all your hard work, not only for the property searches, advise, suggestions and all the things you did for us, but for all your professionalism, patience, caring and above all, your outstanding service above and beyond our expectations. Since we met he first time until I took possession of our new property, you were there with us at all times and even took the extra time to look into our best interest and this is priceless. We thought we were never going to be able to buy a property, but with all the hard work you put into this now our dream has become a reality. We love our new condo. Talia and I want to thank you very much and wish you the very best in the future. We would recommend you 100% to our friends."

- Talia Holz and Oscar Rodriguez

I had a wonderful experience this summer. Cristian gave me that luck to fiind the perfect house for me. He sat down with me to search over 500 houses on the internet for more than 2 hours, he was patient and gave me the best advice. No other realtors had done that before. He is a hard worker, and supported me in making the right choice every step of the way. He would always tell me "call me anytime when you have any questions." I recommended Cristian to my co-workers, and my friends alike, I know you will be deligted to meet him and I guarantee you will be satisfied with his work.

- Hee Jin Noh